We are engaged in a supernatural battle raging for thousands of years on a cluttered, uneven battlefield against a merciless enemy. 

A Divine decree declared that there would be a perpetual enmity between the two sides . 

Although defeated on a hill in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago this supernatural enemy refuses to surrender.   

An army was left behind to keep that enemy in subjection until the King returned to His Throne . 

Their efforts began in earnest but through overconfidence and poor leadership has waned. 

Ground once taken has been lost and enemy strongholds were rebuilt.

The final campaign in this supernatural battle for the fate of mankind began in 1948. 

Plundered, broken and embarrassed by their defeat this supernatural enemy is enraged and fights with reckless abandon. 

Blitzkrieg has been declared to initiate the final devastating assault against the King’s people.


A battle cry goes out in the spirit with the clarion warfare call of the Shofar.        
    Who in the Kingdom will answer this call?  

   Who will step out on to the supernatural battlefield?  

If you are one of those who will say “here I am, send me” this book is your field manual for The Supernatural Battle.

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Anyone who has suddenly awakened to the need for spiritual warfare will find the information in this book new, challenging and inspiring.  

If your spiritual eyes are opening to the dark spiritual clouds building overhead you will know something is different about this impending storm.  Knowing that there is a problem should lead to wanting to know what the solution is.  

For too long many who sit in pews every Sunday have ignored the supernatural war raging all around them. 

The world has changed.  The deep darkness talked about in Isaiah 60 is creeping over the land and a deeper darkness over (and into) the people.  That darkness can only mean one thing – we are at the time of the end and the powers of darkness are making their final move against the Kingdom of Heaven.  In accordance with the prophecy in Isaiah 60 it’s our time to take a stand and shine the Light of the Lord into, and against, that darkness.

Although defeated on Calvary the powers of darkness have refused to submit and must be brought into submission by those delegated with the authority to do so – the church of the Living God.  

There is no break in this war.  

We have to press on to our higher calling while the enemy strives to fulfill their lower one.  There are souls to be saved and a darkness to be driven back so that Gospel may be shared.  When done for any other reason is it an aberration of the Great Commission.  

We fight to spread the Gospel and to set the captives free.  

That’s His command and those are our marching orders!       


   I believe I know what some are thinking right now – “Great, just what we need, another book on spiritual warfare!”  I know how you feel.  I feel the same way sometimes.  And, for the most part, we would be right. Some books I’ve read have caused me to weep for the trees that died for them to be printed.

  It’s because of those books on spiritual warfare that I am doing this.  I’ve been putting this off and resisting the request to do this for some time now. Everything has to be done in His timing and the fullness of time or it’s not of Him.  Since I got saved in October of 1988 I’ve done my best to be obedient and to obey the commands of the King.  He has put this book on my heart for a long time but it wasn’t until now, this very moment, I felt His release to do it.  

  From the moment I got saved that Sunday, October 9, 1988, I’ve been on the front lines of a millennial war that has been raging nonstop .  After spending my entire life unknowingly being groomed for some dark assignment by the fallen angels, the demonic backlash for my salvation was fast, furious and relentless.   There was no time to go to basic training.  Much of what you read  in this book was learned on the battlefield in the midst of battle.  

  That experiential knowledge has been tested by The Word and honed by the Holy Spirit over time.  The Master of the Vineyard has held back the harvest of this fruit until the fullness of time.  

  I sincerely hope you enjoy the vintage!     

Richard J Grund

Richard  J Grund has almost  24 years of experiential knowledge  from the supernatural battlefield to share with you.   He is the Director & Team Leader  of SRT, the Supernatural Response Team.   He also hosts an online Bible Study every Wednesday night, as well as Reflections in the Dark every Sunday night on  Firefall Talk Radio. 


Chapter  1 - Warfare? What warfare?

Chapter  2 - Reconnaissance

Chapter  3 - Entering the Battlefield

Chapter  4 - Personal Strongholds

Chapter  5 - Geographic Strongholds

Chapter  6- Preparing for War

Chapter  7 - Dressed for Battle

Chapter  8 - Divinely Designed for the Supernatural

Chapter  9 - Battlefield of the Hear and Mind

Chapter 10 - Draw the Sword

Chapter 11 - Raise the Battle Cry

Chapter 12 - Battlefield Threat Assessment

300 pages (Kindle eBook also available)

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The Supernatural Battle

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